1965 – Touching a clavinet inside an orchestra hall in age of for the first time
1974 – Two years classical piano training 1975 – 1976 In age of …. joining the beginner group “Octopus” Concerts at “Senior Evenings” & other events (Live Concerts)
1977 – 1979 Founding the rockgroup “Bourbon” (Live Concerts)
1980 – 1982 – Founding the punk rock group “Z CAR M” (Several Live Concerts)
1983 Joining the english singing rockgroup “Stush” – (Live Concerts)
1983 – 1985 Joining the german singing rockgroup “Uhrwerk” – (Live Concerts)
1985 – 1991 – Homerecordings / 2 Times recordings in high-professional 24-channel studios at Ambros Seelos Munich / Art Studio Wupperthal, no continuation but new songmaterial1992 – 1999 Home- and Computer-Recordings02/1999 Founding the poprock-group “Misty Rain” in San Carlos City together with Robert C. Drilon – First CD Demo-Album produced in the PHilippines 02/2000 Continuation composing new songs in Berlin
10/2003 Live gig in “Estuary” Pub in Swords, Ireland – Won 2nd price
02/2004 Z CAR M alive again – Guest singer – Claudia Sahin
12/2004 Song “Charisma Of Love” came onto the music market on an compilation CD through Matchbox Recordings

01/2005 New Z CAR M Projects with Geir M. B. (Drums & Guitars) from Norway

03 Dec 2004 – Worldwide release of the compilation CD “Playtime” – Z CAR M Track “Charisma Of Love” via CD Baby, Tower Records & Matchbox Recordings together with the worldwide best artists

22 Apr 2005 -Z CAR M – Website promotion via “The Real Atom Records”

24 Apr 2005 – Request Internet Cafe “JAWZ” in Wiesbaden/Germany. They DL all Z CAR M tracks to play them in their Internet Cafe

05. Aug 2005 – Z CAR M Promotion via ” Dizzy O’Brian” California, U.S.A.
15. Mar 2006 – Z CAR M Tracks at Internet Web Radio Cafe80s and Web Radio Fun Radio
01. Sep 2006 – Z CAR M – Video Clip to the track “Another Day” – Produced at Malahide Beach, Swords. Co. Dublin, Ireland

Sept. 2006 – Broadcaster at Hafenradio – Left this radio as a DJ and partner mid around August 2009 and setup our own Internet Webradio “Pearl Of Music”.

19. Jan. 2008 – Found some great guys to make music again – John (guitar), Colm (Bassist) and Gizmo (Drums) joined the group at 26.01.08 but left the band again after around 6 month as of personal reasons. Geir started to work overseas on a ship for 5 weeks and then 5 weeks back home. So rehearsals would have been quite difficult for all of us.

07. Nov. 2008 – Just signed up a digital record contract via TuneCore. Here I am offering an album called “Fortune” for selling with five Z CAR M songs. My songs will be published on different platforms.

Sept.2009 – Developed my own Internet Radio together with Dea and Ingo – Radio Pearl Of Music
2010 – 3 Z CAR M Album available to purchase on BANDCAMP – Please also check my other Z CAR M Albums

01. Feb. 2011 – Z CAR M now is a registered business name under Business Name Act, 1963 Ireland – Registration Number: 431420

02/2017 – 2 Albums and several singles digitally released and distributed to Amazon, Spotify and many other Online Stores and Download Stream portals

Feb. 05, 2017 – Z CAR Ms own record label “Z CAR M Records” has been established focusing on signing talented Philippine artists and bands.

05/2017 – 5x CD Z CAR M albums released via Kunaki – Available Online and as per physical CD – 20.05.2017 – Studio Live Recordings Feb. 02,1983, 21.05.2017 – Revolution Time, 29.05.2017 – The Other One, 19.08.2017 – Asia Rain, 06.09.2017 – Brown Sugar

Feb 15, 2019 –  Z CAR Ms new track “Spot At The Sun Ft. Yatz Santos” has been uploaded to HTL Consulting Group database as a featured track and is now available to DJ and Radio Station members for viewing and downloads.

May 27, 2019 – Z CAR M released 4 albums with each 15 tracks on Spotify. There are many songs now available on Amazon, Deezer and many other music online stores and download streaming portals.

November, 2021 – Several songs in collaboration produced together with the Philippine musician from Cebu – Paul Vincent Camoro –

Z CAR M currently released 9 albums on Spotify and many other music online stores and download streaming portals !